We seek volunteers who want to learn about the culture and history of Ghana, who are ready for a challenge and are energized about improving the quality of education for all.

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Why Volunteer?

Volunteers engage in a breadth of programs to allow them to experience life in Ghana and gain a basic knowledge of and appreciation for Ghanaian history and culture. Furthermore, they are part of a broader, community-driven effort to transform education in a sustainable and respectful manner. Participants in our volunteer program benefit from:

  • Gaining experience in cross-cultural education;
  • Developing skills for leading interventions in international development;
  • Building lasting relationships across cultures;
  • Local language, culture and history classes;
  • Visiting cultural and historical sites;
  • Alleviating poverty through education;
  • Gaining practical experience in teaching in an international, ESL setting;
  • Having a direct and profound impact on youth living in poverty; and
  • Developing an appreciation and understanding of the history, diversity, and richness of other cultures.

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Our Program

Volunteers for WPE engage equally with teaching and learning. During the school day, volunteers take classes in a local Ghanaian language (Twi), Ghanaian history and culture, and traditional drumming or dance. They also prepare for their own teaching responsibilities. After school hours, volunteers work in the WPE International Community Center, teaching and assisting after school programs classes and mentoring Ghanaian students.

Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteers staff the WPE after school community center and lead classes in literacy, visual and performing arts, science, and homework help. They are also encouraged to lead extra classes of personal interest. They work under the supervision of the Volunteer Coordinator to provide educational support and enrichment opportunities for local upper elementary school students of all ability levels. Volunteers are required to:

  • Follow all World Partners in Education and partner rules;
  • Follow through on responsibilities assigned by WPE supervisor; and
  • Participate in all community center activities.


We seek well-rounded individuals with the following qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in a bachelor degree program OR have a bachelor degree OR have been accepted to a bachelor degree program;
  • Willingness and ability to be flexible;
  • Ability to thrive in an unpredictable environment;
  • Demonstrated track record of initiative and creativity;
  • Emotional maturity and self-reliance;
  • Ability to get along with volunteers, staff, and community members from all backgrounds;
  • Ability to handle tough physical environment, including heat, less sanitary conditions, lots of walking, possible lack of running water and electricity, etc.;
  • Passion for education equality;
  • Enthusiasm and patience for working in children’s education;
  • Strong ability to work across cultures; and
  • A desire to promote systemic change in the delivery of education in developing countries.

Dates & Deadlines

Our volunteer program is traditionally 8 weeks. If you are unable to commit to 8 weeks, but are still interested in participating, or if you would like to serve for longer than 8 weeks, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to inquire about special arrangements.


  • Admission to the program is very competitive, and applications are submitted on a rolling basis. For the greatest chance of being selected, and to leave sufficient time to apply for a visa, we recommend applying early.
  • Application deadline: Friday, February 28, 2014
  • Arrival: Saturday, April 19th, 2014
  • Departure: Saturday, June 14th, 2014


  • Admission to the program is very competitive, and applications are submitted on a rolling basis. For the greatest chance of being selected, and to leave sufficient time to apply for a visa, we recommend applying early.
  • Application deadline: Friday, April 4, 2013
  • Arrival: Saturday, June 21st, 2014
  • Departure: Wednesday, August 16th, 2014

Program Fee

For volunteers staying the standard 8 weeks, a program fee of $1,900 must be received by World Partners in Education from each volunteer three weeks prior to departure. Volunteers staying longer should add $150 per week to cover additional costs associated with their stay. After receipt of the program fee but before arrival, we can provide a partial refund of $1,400, or $1,900 less a cancellation fee of $500.  We are unable to  provide any refunds after the arrival date.

Your program fee covers the cost of your room, 3 meals each day, on-the-ground training and support, airport pickup and return, and enrichment trips and activities for volunteers.  Program fees also enable us to sustain long-term operations in Ghana. We encourage participants to fundraise not only towards their programming fee, but also to fundraise to help us expand and strengthen our efforts and further the cause of quality education for all.

Checks for the full amount of the program fee should be made payable to World Partners in Education and sent to:

World Partners in Education
P.O. Box 990966
Boston, MA 02199

Health, Safety & Support

Volunteering in developing communities has many risks. World Partners in Education works hard to mitigate the risks and ensure all volunteers have a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding experience.

Our support for volunteers begins before they arrive and lasts until they depart and includes:

  • Pre-departure checklist and packing list to prepare for arrival in country;
  • On-the-ground training about education, culture, and the region;
  • On-the-job guidance from education consultants on how to effectively carry out responsibilities;
  • Nutritious meals and a secure place to room; and
  • Educational excursions organized by staff.

We expect all participants to adhere to the following health and safety requirements:

  • Take anti-malarial medications and use bed-nets;
  • Have health insurance that covers you abroad;
  • Zero-tolerance of consumption of alcohol or use of illicit drugs during the volunteer program;
  • Volunteers must have permission from supervisors to leave the Community Center; and
  • No overnight trips away from the Community Center. Volunteers wishing to travel on their own should do so after they finish with the program.

Though we strive to offer fairly comprehensive support, the responsibility falls on individual volunteers to make good decisions.  Participants must put the mission and the community first.  Every bad decision, no matter how seemingly minor, places a burden on World Partners and the community, keeping us from achieving the mission.  As such, any volunteer who fails to follow the rules or becomes a burden will be told to leave.

Selection Process

Our selection process is designed to identify individuals we believe will make significant contributions to improving the long-term quality of education at our partner schools.  Applications are reviewed in order of their receipt and completion. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible since we accept applicants throughout the year and space becomes very limited as the deadline approaches.  You may not apply more than a year in advance.

Apply Now

Please do not submit additional application materials.  Completed applications are reviewed by the World Partners Volunteer Committee.  Select applicants will be asked for a telephone interview by the Volunteer Committee.

We aim to notify applicants about admission within a couple weeks after they apply.

Community Center & Accommodations

Volunteers do their daily teaching in the World Partners in Education Community Center. They will also travel to nearby schools to give simple educational presentations.

Volunteers live together in a group house. The house is equipped with electricity and running water, but power or water may be out for part or all of a volunteer’s trip. All volunteers will have access to pure drinking water and three nutritious meals each day. Every participant will have a bed in a secure room and some volunteers may be assigned to room together.

World Partners in Education reserves the right to cancel a volunteer’s participation based on conditions on the ground or a participant’s behavior. We take the health and safety of volunteers very seriously as well as our ability to make sure the community is not burdened or adversely affected by the actions of our volunteers.

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